Close-up on a foggy pseudo-octonionic Julia set ('MandelBulb' like: a 'JuliaBulb') computed with A=(-0.58...,+0.63...,0,0,0,0,0,0) and with a rotation about the X axis and with a tridimensional non linear transformation in the pseudo-octonionic space -tridimensional cross-section- [Agrandissement d'un ensemble de Julia brumeux dans l'ensemble des pseudo-octonions (comme un 'MandelBulb': un 'JuliaBulb') calculé pour A=(-0.58...,+0.63...,0,0,0,0,0,0) et avec une rotation autour de l'axe X et avec une transformation non linéaire tridimensionnelle dans l'ensemble des pseudo-octonions -section tridimensionnelle-].

The "inverse" tridimensional transformation uses the three pseudo-projections {PX(x,y),PY(x,y),PZ(x,y)} of the surfaces obtained by the interpolation between the Bonan-Jeener's triple Klein bottle and a sphere in the reverse order. These pseudo-projections define the transformation of the {X,Y,Z} subset of the pseudo-octonionic space.

See the result of the "direct" transformation:

See the Julia set:

The interpolation between the Bonan-Jeener's triple Klein bottle and a sphere (the so-called direct transformation) is defined as:

[Plus d'informations à propos de la pseudo-projection des surfaces -en français/in french-]
[More information about the surface pseudo-projection -in english/en anglais-]

[Plus d'informations à propos de la génération d'entrelacs -en français/in french-]
[More information about the generation of intertwinings -in english/en anglais-]

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