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Abstract: Mathematics play a very particular role in the quest for Knowledge. Whether mathematicians are involved in invention or discovery, the tools that they develop have constituted the very basis of Science for more than 2000 years. Mathematics, which has been considered for too long as a mere language in which to formulate the laws of nature, is now recognised as a creative thought process that can be used to discover new entities and phenomena...

Keywords: Anaglyphs, Art and Science, Artistic Creation, Autostereograms, Celestial Mechanics, Computer Graphics, Deterministic Chaos, Fractal Geometry, Intertwinings, Mathematics, Natural Phenomenon Synthesis, Numerical Simulation, Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Rounding-off Errors, Scientific Visualization, Sensitivity to Rounding-Off Errors, Software Engineering, Stereograms, Texture Synthesis, Virtual Experimentation, Virtual Space-Time Travel.


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