A fractal surface (one iteration) defined by means of three bidimensional fields [Une surface fractale (une itération) définie à l'aide de trois champs bidimensionnels].

Many surfaces -bidimensional manifolds- in a tridimensional space can be defined using a set of three equations:
                    X = Fx(u,v)
                    Y = Fy(u,v)
                    Z = Fz(u,v)
                    u  [Umin,Umax]
                    v  [Vmin,Vmax]
[Umin,Umax]*[Vmin,Vmax] then defined a bidimensional rectangular domain D.
                       v ^
                    V    |...... ---------------------------
                     max |      |+++++++++++++++++++++++++++|
                         |      |+++++++++++++++++++++++++++|
                         |      |+++++++++++++++++++++++++++|
                         |      |+++++++++++++++++++++++++++|
                         |      |+++++++++++++++++++++++++++|
                         |      |+++++++++++++++++++++++++++|
                         |      |+++++++++++++++++++++++++++|
                         |      |+++++++++++++++++++++++++++|
                         |      |+++++++++++++++++++++++++++|
                    V    |...... ---------------------------
                     min |      :                           :
                         |      :                           :
                                U                           U              u
                                 min                         max

If D is sampled by means of a bidimensional rectangular grid (made of Nu*Nv points), the three {X,Y,Z} coordinates can be defined by means of three rectangular matrices:
                    X = Mx(i,j)
                    Y = My(i,j)
                    Z = Mz(i,j)
                    i = f(u,Umin,Umax,Nu)
                    j = g(v,Vmin,Vmax,Nv)
where 'f' and 'g' denote two obvious linear functions...

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For the fractal surface, the three {X,Y,Z} fields/matrices are as follows:

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