A medium with percolation -top to bottom- using the 8-connexity [Un milieu avec percolation -du haut vers le bas- utilisant la 8-connexité].

A random medium is defined using a 128x128 square lattice:

Some of its sites are empty -black- and some are occupied -grey or white-.

Here is one such medium with 39.441% of empty sites.

A "liquid" -red- is poured using the only empty site -black- on the top line of the preceding picture. It moves from empty sites to empty sites using the 8-connexity {East,North-East,North,North-West,West,South-West,South,South-East}:

But it cannot reach the bottom of the medium due to two occupied sites -white-:

These two occupied sites -white- are emptied:

Then the "liquid" -red and then green- can reach the bottom of the medium:

[See the picture displaying the same process with an identical starting point and using the 4-connexity instead of the 8-connexity]

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