Three successive elementary monodimensional binary cellular automata -106,90,86- with 1 yellow starting point -bottom middle- [Trois automates cellulaires binaires monodimensionnels élémentaires successifs -106,90,86- avec 1 point de départ jaune -en bas et au milieu-].

An elementary monodimensional binary automaton is a monodimensional set of cells. At time 't', each cell (with coordinate 'x') has a value 'CELL(x,t)' that equals either 0 (Black) or 1 (White) and has two neighbours (one at its left 'CELL(x-1,t)' and one at its right 'CELL(x+1,t)'). The points outside the picture (at left and at right) are assumed to be White. The time evolution of this set of cells is defined by means of rules.

This picture was computed using successively the three following elementary monodimensional binary cellular automata:

The vertical axis is the time axis and the initial conditions are displayed on the bottom line.

[Plus d'informations à propos des automates cellulaires monodimensionnels -en français/in french-]
[More information about monodimensional cellular automata -in english/en anglais-]

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