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The journey of a sphere (dark blue) in a system of pure uniform non concentric circular motions -moving point of view (dark blue)- [Le voyage d'une sphère (bleue sombre) dans un système de purs mouvements circulaires uniformes -point de vue de la sphère (bleue sombre) en mouvement-].

9 spheres are following pure uniform non concentric circular motions in a tridimensional space about different fixed points. The angular velocities V are chosen according to the following rule:
                     2 3
                    V R = constant

(R being the radius) that is similar to the third Kepler's law:
                    ---- = constant

(T being the period).

A virtual sphere (dark blue) is added to this set. Each frame of The journey of a sphere (dark blue)in a system of pure uniform non concentric circular motions -fixed point of view (yellow)- this animation displays a particular trajectory of this sphere when moved from the farthest sphere to a tenth fixed point (yellow). For each of these intermediate trajectories, the sphere motion is visualized with the virtual sphere at the origin of coordinates.

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