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The journey of a sphere (dark blue) in a system of pure uniform concentric circular motions -moving point of view (dark blue)- [Le voyage d'une sphère (bleue sombre) dans un système de purs mouvements circulaires uniformes -point de vue de la sphère (bleue sombre) en mouvement-].

9 spheres are following pure uniform circular motions in a tridimensional space about a fixed point (yellow). The angular velocities V are chosen according to the following rule:
                     2 3
                    V R = constant

(R being the radius) that is similar to the third Kepler's law:
                    ---- = constant

(T being the period).

A virtual sphere (dark blue) is added to this set. Each frame of The journey of a sphere (dark blue)in a system of pure uniform concentric circular motions -fixed point of view (yellow)- this animation displays a particular trajectory of this sphere when moved from the farthest sphere to the fixed point. For each of these intermediate trajectories, the sphere motion is visualized with the virtual sphere at the origin of coordinates.

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