Tridimensional display -bird's-eye view- of an Archimedes spiral displaying 'pi' with 200 digits -base 10- [Visualisation tridimensionnelle -vue d-avion- d'une spirale d'Archimède montrant 'pi' avec 200 décimales -base 10-].

Starting from the center of the picture, the disks are numbered (0, 1, 2,...) when following an Archimedes spiral defined as follows:
                    rho   = srqt(N)
                    theta = 2.pi.sqrt(N)
The radius of the N-th disk is an increasing function of the N-th digit of 'pi' as well as the height of the peaks for the tridimensional visualizations.

The arbitrary colors are displaying the values of each digit (inside [0,9]).

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