Artistic view of gravitational waves [Vue artistique des ondes gravitationnelles].

Some comments regarding the speed limit: since the first gravitational waves detection on 09/14/2015 and when electromagnetic waves are received "simultaneously" (for example after the collison of a black hole and a neutron star) it was checked that both wave types have the same celerity C: the so-called speed of light. The Special Relativity teach us that nothing can travel faster than C. It is a well known scientific fact (at the experimental level as well as at the the theorical one): but is the speed of light the speed limit? The space-time is the "stage" of the Universe and then the speed limit could be the gravitational wave celerity. Obviously these two speeds are equal and the Special and the General Relativites are saved, but the gravitational wave celerity could be more fundamental than the speed of light...

Please note this visualization is only a pedagogical one: it is not the result of a General Relativity computation...

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