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Black and white display of a tridimensional function [Visualisation noir et blanc d'une fonction tridimensionnelle].

A tridimensional function F(x,y,z) can be visualized using a regular mesh. Each of its (x,y,z) nodes is represented by means of a lighted sphere whose radius and {R,G,B} colors can display four different scalar values. For this particular picture, this four parameters as chosen as follows:
                               3 /
                    RADIUS = A.\/F(x,y,z),
                    RED    = 1.0,
                    GREEN  = 1.0,
                    BLUE   = 1.0,
where 'A' denotes an arbitrary constant.

Figure "Zoom in on self-similar light clouds" displays sixteen bidimensional cross-section -using the XY plane- of the function F(x,y,z).

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