The Lorenz attractor [L'attracteur de Lorenz].

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The Lorenz attractor is defined with the following system of differential equations:
                      -   dx
                     |   ---- = -10x + 10y
                     |    dt
                     |    dy
                    <    ---- = 28x - y - xz
                     |    dt
                     |    dz       8
                     |   ---- = - ---z + xy
                      -   dt       3
This picture is obtained integrating these equations using the Euler method with:
                    {X ,Y ,Z } = {0.01,0.01,0.01}
                      0  0  0

Dt = 0.01
the colors being chosen as follows:
                    RED    = K.Dx
                    GREEN  = K.Dy
                    BLUE   = K.Dz
where K denotes a renormalization factor and {Dx,Dy,Dz} are the results of the numerical integration process.

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